SHOKOKAI 在ポーランド日本商工会


在ポーランド日本商工会(Zwiazek Pracodawcow Shokokai)(英文名:SHOKOKAI)は、2009年に日本人会より独立し、ポーランドの法律に基づく社団法人として2009年8月18日に登録(KRS:0000335142)されました。




The origin of SHOKOKAI (translation in English: Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industries) has been established in the 1970s under the old regime as a group of Japanese companies in Japanese Club in Poland. And then in 2009 SHOKOKAI has been registered as an entity (employer’s association:Związek Pracodawców Shokokai KRS:0000335142) on Polish law. Now it is consisted from around 90 member companies and carrying out activities for the purpose of the following three points.
The purpose
1. To make member companies do smooth business activities in the Republic of Poland by exchange of various information and study of the necessary laws, regulations, business and living environment
2. To carry out various activities for the promotion of exchange and social gatherings between members.
3. To support for the development of the Japanese Club in Poland
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